Strategic Plan

updated 10.1.2013

The mission of OSAE is to serve its members through professional development,
networking, research, and legislative awareness.

Strategic Goal 1: Member Focused

  • Develop an Aggressive Membership Recruitment and Retention Strategy
  • Increase professional membership by 30 percent (by 36 members to 150 members)
  • Identify 20 associations to target for professional membership
  • Increase strategic partner membership by 15 percent (by 15 members to 95 members)
  • Diversify strategic partner membership types
  • Develop New Member & Dropped Member Strategy
  • Note: As of 8.1.13 there are 114 Professional Members and 80 Strategic Partners
  • Research Association/Group Membership versus Individual Membership
  • Develop a Master Database with Prospective Associations and Members 
  • Create a Member–Focused Culture at Monthly Luncheons and Events
  • Create Mentoring Program for New Members
  • Create a Culture of Recognition
  • Create a Strategy for Talent Engagement/Volunteers
  • Support Task Force/Committee Work & Involvement
  • Grow the Staff/Talent/Member Excellence Recognition Program

Strategic Goal 2: Education Focused


  • Be the Premiere Resource for Education in Oklahoma
  • Increase attendance at CEO Roundtable 
  • Create Executive Roundtables with Topics 
  • Provide Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • Embrace Partnerships with Other Associations for Educational Opportunities
  • Implement Board Development/Training
  • Create a Pipeline for Members to Earn Their CAE Designation
  • Investigate the Creation of a Standards for Association Excellence Seminar
  • Review Meetings for Format and ASAE Standards, Embrace Technology for Educational Sessions, and Develop Programming for all Association Staff

Strategic Goal 3: Professional Operations & Strategic Alliances


  • Review Bylaws & Policies Once Per Year
  • Investigate Database Management Systems
  • Create, Disseminate, and Evaluate a Comprehensive Membership Survey
  • Manage the Association in Accordance with Industry Best Management Practices and Principles

Strategic Goal 4: Communications Focused


  • Develop an Internal and External Communication Strategy
  • Increased Options for Generational Communications (Twitter, other emerging platforms, etc.)
  • Share Summarized Stories of Members Involvement & Successes
  • Recognize Volunteers & Members
  • Develop Strategies for Outreach and Involvement
  • Invite Media to Events